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Emeryville's Response to James S (& IreneS) complainers at Yelp

James St_ _ _ _ _ , Thank you for at least mentioning that we have premium service! Not everyone who does cosmetic , neuromuscular treatment work at our office has a 6 figure job and not all of them have jobs that is all about looks.
Let's go back to memory lane for a minute. We never had problems until your fiance took over your bills. In fact, we have lots of documentations of you saying that you were very happy with our work. You wanted all types of dental work done before you got married, so we did as you requested. Everything was explained to you and you had signed a consent for all of the cost and treatment prior to any work being done (which has always been our policy after 1999), Soon after you got your work done, we get a call from your fiance, yelling at us, to explain why you had such a bill. Since you two were not married yet, and you had not given us your permission to disclose any information to her, we were not obligated to give her any of your personal and confidential information, which most likely caused her to be furious at us. After that incident, you came to our office insisting on getting your billing information, as if we were trying to hide that information from you, (in retrospect, she probably made it seem to you as if we were). Then, another problem came up, when you lost (or took or your wife took) our check that was given to you (instead of us) from your insurance company.We spent months helping you track down that check instead of just making you pay for it, which is really your responsibility. Then your wife, Irene S_ _ _, started writing about our office of things she didn't even know for a fact about, on the internet, while all the time, we were trying to help you. She convinced you that we were overcharging you, when in fact, we were not. She didn't understand what your insurance had discussed with us and what we had an agreement about your treatment. You wanted a break down of our billing codes and fees and wanted to break it down the way your wife wanted it, which was not the way our computer prints it out. You wanted the best work, and you got it. You wanted the top of the line in treatment, and you got it. Your insurance did not cover for antibiotic periodontal disease treatment or any other cosmetic treatment (which was explained to you and you signed an agreement that said that you understood what we had told you) . Your wife then called our office insisting that you were getting treatment done at our office that you did not need. (As you can imagine, we were in the middle of your dispute with her.) Your wife wanted you to get all your records and go to her dentist, so being a good fiance, you did. But don't negate what we've done for you and your health. We had a good relationship for years before your wife came into the picture. Of course your current dentist won't find any more problems in your mouth & cost you "lots of money", since we fixed all of your teeth. Just make sure you take care of and maintain what we made for you. Thank you for your past business.

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Emeryville's Response to Daniel M yeller at

Daniel Daniel Daniel,
*How old is this dentist you are currently going to?
*Do you know what his educational background is?
*Have you read articles against silver, metal, black fillings and why some countries have banned and more are in the process of banning these ancient fillings?
*Do you know why some dentists still offer these black fillings to their patients?
*Do you know there's more research and more advancements being done with white fillings instead of silver fillings?
*Are you sure you heard right; silver fillings don't crack your teeth over time compared to white fillings? They won't crack? They don't expand?
*Did you know that white fillings are more biocompatible with your own teeth? and they last longer if placed properly?
*Either, you heard the opposite of what your current dentist said, or your dentist needs to go back to school, get up-to-date facts and learn about current information and review all the research findings.

*You found a great dentist who still believes in silver/ black / mercury fillings?

*You found a great dentist who did not find any cavities at all?
*You found a great dentist who didn't give you any bad news ?
*That's a great dentist?

Your insurance did not cover your white fillings. Some insurance companies consider that as beyond your basic coverage, and will only pay up to the cost of a silver filling.
*Does that mean that is the best for you just because your insurance does not want to pay for it?
*Also, if your insurance will only pay up to $500 a year, does that mean, you only need $500 dollars worth of work?
* So, no one (not even your employer, who paid for your insurance plan coverage) told you that your insurance has a maximum coverage that they will only cover per year, & that they rarely pay 100% of any work (those plans have disappeared a long time ago) , but will cover only a certain percentage (%).
*And no one told you what the total fees were and no one told you that what your insurance does not pay for, will be your responsibility to pay?
That is hard to believe.

Also, If your white filling was hurting your tooth after all those years and you never came back to have us look at it for free, is that suppose to be our fault?

Wow. ... (see other articles on search under emeryville dental care)
daniel m.
Emeryville, CA
1 star rating12/17/2008
I feel obligated to write a review because I want people to know that this place is not to be trusted. They said my insurance had "full coverage". After disusing in some detail what this actually meant I found out up to 500 or something like that. They say they only do the white type of fillings. They also said that my mouth had 5 some odd cavities. So I said I only wanted them to fix the major ones because I could only afford a few. I should have yelped, but this was years ago before I knew about this site.Being a very poor college student at the time they hit me with an enormous bill that I couldn't even afford. It was a different amount then I had originally thought it was. They fed me some BS about it not covering white fillings or something. Later when I found a great dentist through this site I found that I had 0 cavities! Also this dentist informed me that white fillings aren't necessarily the best option. In fact the white filling they gave me was hurting my tooth. The dentist shaved it down and let me know that often times white fillings produce gangrene underneath because they leave a gap inside. So consider this next time you get a filling. Its a trade off between looks and metal fillings which contain mercury, but last longer, wont crack and are more gentle on the teeth because they don't expand like the white filings.

Emeryville's Response to J.J (Jennifer K.) complainer at Yelp

Emeryville's response for J.J aka: Jennifer K_By emeryvilledentalcareteam
Dear J.J. (aka: Jennifer K_) No (J.J.) aka: Jennifer, We were not interested in engineering your mouth.
As far as other comments of the same note; It is the bandwagon effect.
37 Emeryville, CA Jennifer Kin__ 1 star rating 08/16/2008

Ooh! I’ve been waiting about 3 weeks to write this. I went to them a little while ago, but wanted to get my records from them before I posted this.
Team: All you had to do was ask and pay for your legal records. No one was withholding any information from you.
Where do I start? This has been my WORST dental experience ever. They will tell you that you need work done that you do not need done at all. She is rough and she is kind of rude. Her staff are friendly, but back to dentistry.Her goal is to reengineer your mouth. No J.J. (Jennifer) We were not interested in engineering your mouth.
Team: You asked what the possibilities were and advanced cosmetic work & neuromuscular dentistry were one of the possibilities explained to you, since you presented signs that could have benefited from this type of dentistry. You wanted to know and get information of what advanced dentistry had to offer. We have that information. If you wanted the basic drill and fill, then you should've asked for it.
She wants to make-over your mouth and take every dollar you are able to part with. Granted, I think if you wanted to reengineer your face and you don’t mind pain, you have endlessly deep pockets and don’t mind unnecessary procedures, she’d be great
Team: Our office is a cosmetic advanced and neuromuscular office, not an HMO, PPO, insurance owned type of dental office, where treatment plans are presented according to what your insurance limitations are. Delta Dental is an HMO plan and is a big business that bullies other dental offices. Delta Dental knows they cannot dictate dental treatment to us, or tell us how to treat our patients.
We know more than the average dentist in this country because of our advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and can tell you more of what’s going on in your mouth.
Possibilities are given, never shoved down your throat.
We know advanced dentistry is not for everybody, but we know this type of service that we provide is extremely helpful for those that have migraine headaches, mouth misaligned, etc.. that cannot be treated by medical doctors or regular dentists.

I agree with the comment that as soon as you walk in you are bombarded with teeth whitening service ads. The way all services are shoved at you (so quickly) it’s kind of confusing what’s going on.Exam: I went in because of my wisdom teeth and immediately I was told: We must pull ALL OF THEM. 1) Pull wisdom teeth 2) bone graph (to prevent tooth NEXT to it from sliding into that position 3) gum reconstruction
Team: Regarding pulling your wisdom teeth, you were given the option to pull the one you were concerned with and/or pull the ones that might be potential problems in the future (because of example: periodontal disease), let us know if this proves true, since we will no longer be taking care of your dental needs.
Regarding bone grafts, this is the standard of care when one gets their tooth pulled, and the main purpose is not to prevent teeth from moving. You can ask your current dentist what the purpose of putting in bone grafts after pulling teeth would be and what the benefits are? Ask, if he/she knows how to do bone grafts. It is a known fact that one will not do, what one does not know how to do. Also ask around oral surgeons offices, what the benefits of pulling wisdom teeth are and why they would recommend taking out wisdom teeth? There are plenty of scary reasons. Also, ask what the risks are? This is not at all a simple procedure, mentally and physically, and the liabilities are high. There is nothing easy about surgery, even though it looks easy to do. Time and liability cost more than pulling your teeth.

I got the quote FOR 1/2 OF MY MOUTH–only 2/4 teeth.$2,100 (only $600 would be covered). The extractions themselves were $550ish/tooth because the teeth were complicated to pull.I ended up getting a second option and: I had AMAZINGLY STRAIGHT wisdom teeth (doesn’t sound COMPLICATED like she said). I did not need ANY work on my teeth at all.
Team:Okay, If NOTHING was wrong with the tooth, then why did you come in complaining about that your wisdom teeth were hurting and felt like it was pushing against your other teeth. There are many potential complications when pulling wisdom teeth, so of course, they are not inexpensive.
Cleaning: she took about 2 minutes with the brush during the cleaning.She is rough and it is uncomfortable. She’s messy and disconnected. She’s more interested in joking with her staff than paying attention to what she’s doing or explaining what she’s seeing.
Team:Regarding cleaning; an electric debrider and pulverizer was used to remove calculus/ tartar, then a polishing cup was used to remove stains. Cleaning your teeth was NOT an easy task. If we had 3 hours to clean your teeth and you paid for that time, we would have done so.It did NOT take 2 minutes! You should not wait to get your teeth cleaned more than 6 months! We do not use brushes, except for demonstrations. Was there calculus and stains left on your teeth? If so, then you should have given that to our attention to remedy this.
Regarding our demeanor; Sorry , we were just trying to put you at ease by joking around. We make it a point to have daily laughter in our office. Our job is very serious and if not taken lightly, we would not be around in this line of duty this long to help people fix their teeth. We love our job and do not have to think too hard to figure out what to do with these clinically non advanced procedures, since we have been doing this for over 10 years, and we were trying to convey that to you. Obviously that was not the effect. Sorry we were not sensitive enough for you and sorry our one time appointment meeting with you could have been better.
We thought 2 hours and 15 minutes was more than enough time to clean your teeth, do an exam and explain to you what your treatment options were and we thought you understood what was explained to you.

They upsell you, they are ridiculously overpriced, and they will offer you services you do not need.
Team: Also, we wholeheartedly believe that we would only do what you need or want and have no need to fabricate dental work. If you mentioned that you wanted to get your teeth whitening or straighten out your crooked teeth, then we would tell you how.There are plenty of people who have rotting teeth and other dental diseases, but will not do anything about it because they believe this about their dentist, and that is sad.
About our price; We charge for our knowledge, our expertise and our time. We charge fairly low for above average work, state of the art equipment, advanced training and knowledge. We’re here to help people with their dental needs and charge a fair price for what we are worth.
In all businesses, including personal issues, the best way to communicate is by talking to the other person directly instead of posting misinterpretations and hiding behind this internet.
Single mom supporting three kids (my guess from the photos in her office and no wedding ring.) Do the math. She’s trying to make a dollar.
Team:This comment takes the Cake. Why does anyone work? Do you work for yourself? Do you work because you have to? Do you work because you want to? Why would anyone sacrifice their time and money to go to school, devote their work to take care of people's problems? Well at least we work to support a family, and not a drug habit! We don't do drugs and hallucinate about what other people do or think they do.
Stay away.
Team:Yes, It’s good to stay away from drama.
I usually yelp things, but I didn’t this time. I paid for it.
Team:You didn’t pay for anything we didn’t do for you.
FYI, Fact is, you got more of our time and service because of the extra“drama”, and we got paid nothing for it.
Fact is, you were the one who presented yourself as someone who can afford the best and wanted the best. If this was not the case, you should'nave acted as such.

You came to our office complaining about your wisdom teeth and when you saw what we could do for other people, you wanted the same, yet, you didn't want to pay for it, like everyone else did.

Enjoy your wedding and appreciate what you take from people's time and energy.

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Emeryville's response to Christopher R. of

Emeryville's response to Christopher R. (aka: jetajaguar, jag, amongst other alias on the net, who is known to be a cyber bully, by some) ,yeller of By emeryvilledentalcareteam
Thanks Christopher R., who has posted multiple negative reviews on our company on multiple websites. Do you work for another dental office? Is there some other issues that need to be ironed out psychologically? Are you one of the ones who owe our office money & now you're on collections until you pay off your dental bill?

Better Business Bureau has rated our office with an "A" rating, why slander our office.? Get your facts right? see

Websites where there’s no section for the businesses to respond to, are not reputable websites. Of course, we have to defend our place for those people who have never been to our office, make false judgments and accusations for which they know nothing about, & write whatever they want on the internet; credible or not.

Thank you for your understanding, internet users
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80 year old patient’s daughter from Response from Emeryville

80 year old patient’s daughter from Response from Emeryville Dental CareBy emeryvilledentalcareteam

Your Mother Knows the Best

Interesting comment,Tory,even though you were not there watching what we did for your mother.Your mother may be 80 years old,but she looks 50 ! & will speak up for herself when she knows she's right.That "extra charge" of $120 for cleaning went towards a special solution that we have our patients rinse with, to detect oral cancer in the mouth. If she had cancer-like or abnormal tissues developing in her mouth, the tissues would glow in the dark. This is an extra service & therefore incurred an extra fee of $120, so therefore we cleaned your mother's tooth for free! Your mom has been a long time patient of ours&has been happy with all the work we've done for her,which is why she returns. Since you were not there, of course you don't know. So next time your mother comes to our office, please come along with her & be enlightened.

Thank you for our supporters
Go Team Emeryville
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